Workplace Conflict Resolution Services

Comprehensive, Evidence-Based Solutions Tailored to Your Unique Situation

If your organization is experiencing conflict, consulting with a bilingual conflict resolution specialist will resolve distracting, complex situations while empowering all participants to settle on an agreeable solution and continue being productive.

At Global Mindful Solutions, we have established a comprehensive process that aims to provide insightful solutions with a compassionate and unbiased approach.

Investigation Services

As a skilled lawyer and social worker, Philippe Patry focuses on resolving complex workplace investigations with discretion, neutrality, sensitivity, evidence-based strategies, and thoroughness to find the right solutions for your case.


Mediation Services

No matter the nature of your organization’s workplace issue, consulting with a neutral mediator will resolve distracting, challenging situations and empower all participants involved to settle on an agreeable solution and move forward.


Restoration Services

Challenging environments can lead to instability, costly legal disputes, lasting effects, and negatively impact an entire workplace. Global Mindful Solutions aims to help our clients restore safety and productivity in their environments and culture.