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Managing Workplace Harassment

Workplace harassment is seen through unwelcome, intimidating, hostile or abusive behaviour. Acts of harassment usually centre around unwanted, offensive and intrusive behaviour with a sexual, racial or physical component.

Workplace harassment can be an ongoing work condition or a one-time event depending on how you choose to manage the conflict. It can significantly interfere with an employee’s ability to do their work. It can also lead to a power imbalance that can make the victim extremely uncomfortable at work.

Mediation can be used at any point during a conflict, as long as all of those involved agree to do so. This method of workplace resolution is best used when an incident first arises and is reported. The longer a dispute goes on, the greater the chances that more issues can come up. Global Mindful Solutions offers a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to workplace resolution. If harassment is occurring in your workplace, contact us today for more information on our conflict resolution services in Ottawa.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some examples of workplace harassment?

There are several examples of workplace harassment. These examples can include but are not limited to:

    • Offensive conduct
    • Unwelcome conduct
    • Offensive or derogatory comments
    • Offensive slurs towards someone’s race, ethnicities or gender
    • Pressuring a co-worker into going on dates or providing sexual favours
    • Unwelcome graffiti, illustrations or pictures depicting a co-worker’s race or religion
    • Verbal or physical abuse, threats or taunts

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What should I do if I witness harassment in the workplace?

If you witness someone being harassed in the workplace, you should notify your employer of the situation and the people involved. If you feel you can politely, but firmly, tell them that their behaviour is not appropriate in the workplace and that they should stop behaving that way. Do not laugh or joke with the harasser as this could make the situation escalate. If you do not feel as though the situation was dealt with properly, you could try seeking professional help outside of the organization including workplace investigations, mediation and restoration.

What should I do if I am being harassed in the workplace?

If you are a victim of workplace harassment, you should immediately tell your employer. If you feel comfortable doing so, you can also tell the harasser that his or her behaviour is inappropriate and that they must stop.

You should also review your company’s workplace policies to see if the harasser is not complying with any harassment policies in place to keep you safe.

If you feel as though your workplace has not acknowledged the harassment in a proper way, you may contact professional help outside of your workplace to handle the situation.

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What will happen if I report harassment to my employer?

If you have reported harassment you have experienced to your employer, your employer will be responsible to address the situation and protect you from any further harassment.

You will likely need to undergo an interview by your employer to note all events that took place. Your harasser and any witnesses of the event will need to be interviewed as well. Your harasser may then be transferred to another location within the company. Your employer will also need to ensure that you are not punished, harassed or treated differently after the reported harassment.

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I reported workplace harassment, and my employer did not do anything about the situation, what should I do?

If you find yourself in a situation where you reported workplace harassment and your employer did not address the situation or just brushed your report under the rug, there are a few other options that you have to handle the situation.

Read the employee policies on harassment or employee handbook to see what the proper procedure is for handling harassment in your workplace to ensure that you know your rights and how the company should handle the situation. Address the situation with the HR department at your workplace. If you do not have an HR department in your workplace, it may be time to seek professional assistance outside of the organization you are currently working in.

If you would like to learn more about professional workplace investigations and mediation services, contact Global Mindful Solutions today.

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Common Forms Of Workplace Harassment

Harassment such as personal, physical, power and sexual are all common forms of harassment than can occur in a workplace.

  • Personal harassment can be seen through any behaviour that creates an offensive or intimidating work environment for a victim.
  • Physical harassment involves physical attacks or threats that result in injury or distress for a victim.
  • Power harassment occurs when someone exerts power over a victim who is lower in the office hierarchy.
  • Sexual harassment is any form of harassment that is sexual in nature and generally includes unwanted sexual advances, conduct or behaviour.

Any form of harassment should not be tolerated in the workplace. Documentation of workplace harassment is crucial to ensuring the problem is resolved in an effective manner.

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