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Workplace Mediation Services

Effective Conflict Resolution

Workplace mediation is a voluntary process that enables participants—such as employees, supervisors, managers, and directors—to work with a neutral third party to resolve tense or difficult situations in the workplace by encouraging discussion and empowering both parties to find a solution and move forward.

Philippe’s calming presence and decades of experience help to facilitate necessary dialogue in a positive, constructive environment to enable all participants to explore issues and negotiate together. In mediation, each participant may also be accompanied by another individual, such as a union representative, lawyer, or friend, for professional advice or moral support.

All participants are encouraged to communicate respectfully and honestly in a confidential setting that supports open dialogue. The goal is to improve relationships and interactions and eventually settle disputes or complaints by reaching a mutually acceptable agreement.

Experience the Positive Impacts of Workplace Mediation

  • Get peace of mind
  • Improve relationships and teamwork
  • Enhance workplace performance
  • Avoid formal investigation

  • Avoid costly employee turnover
  • Protect your staff from harassment
  • Achieve a positive, healthy work environment for all
  • Continue the positive trajectory for your organization

Our Process

Our process is to provide insightful, comprehensive solutions with a compassionate and unbiased approach. This allows everyone involved to focus on getting back to work and continue making a positive contribution.

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Step 1: Discussion about mandate

We begin with a phone call to discuss the following:

  • Confirm nature of the conflict
  • Identifying the individuals involved in the conflict
  • State timeframe of the mediation (starting date, duration)
  • Overview of costs and hourly rate
  • Summary of next steps for mediation

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Step 2: Individual pre-mediation sessions

During the mediation preparation phase, participants are given the opportunity to speak alone with the neutral mediator to freely express their concerns, priorities, expectations, assumptions, fears, hopes, beliefs, and values in a positive, encouraging environment.

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Step 3: Mediation

In the mediation meeting, participants prioritize their issues and discuss them in detail to clarify any misunderstandings and perceptions. The mediator’s role is to orient the participants towards each other to ensure a constructive conversation is held about their grievances, options, and preferences. The mediator will also support participants when they submit proposals for a mutually satisfactory outcome.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How important is workplace mediation?

Workplace mediation is crucial because:

  • It encourages open and frank communication between employees and employers
  • It has a direct impact on workplace morale as it addresses workplace conflict
  • When it is an available option, staff will less likely leave conflicts unresolved or avoid them
  • It promotes safety and health in the workplace
  • It builds and maintains a strong successful organizational culture
  •  It is an effective alternative to workplace investigations, grievances and disciplinary procedures

What is the best time to mediate?

As soon as an identified breakdown in communication and cooperation affects staff’s ability to carry out their role and their responsibilities within the workplace.

How does the workplace mediation process start?

The mediator meets each participant individually to assess their open-mindedness and willingness to engage as workplace mediation is a voluntary process.

What happens if i do not wish to settle?

In a mediation, neither party is obligated to reach an agreement. Indeed, the workplace mediation agreement will specifically state that no binding resolution has been reached until all parties have signed an agreement.

Is workplace mediation only suitable for certain disputes?

No. Mediation in the workplace is frequently a good approach to start a conversation. Whatever the conflict, we would propose that mediation principles be used as soon as possible.

How workplace mediation sessions benefit participants?

Workplace mediation is a facilitated conversation that enables participants such as employees, supervisors, managers, and directors to:

  • Clear the air in a confidential setting
  • Clarify what is important to each of them
  • Speak freely about their expectations and concerns
  • Raise difficult issues of their choice
  • Get a better understanding of the other participant’s situation
  • Propose options to break the deadlock
  • Settle the conflict by reaching a mutually acceptable agreement

What are the possible outcomes after workplace mediation?

  • Awareness of one’s own behavior and its effect on the conflict
  • Understanding the impact of the conflict on each other and in the workplace
  • Appreciation of commonalities and differences
  • Achievement of new perspectives
  • Learning ways to communicate effectively
  • Restoration of working relationships
  • Improvement of workplace collaboration and teamwork

When should workplace mediation be refused?

Workplace mediation should not take place if a participant:

  • Does not feel safe in the process
  • Cannot bring a support person
  • Feels pressured or coerced into attending
  • Is unwilling to engage in the process
  • Has serious mental health issues

What is the role of the workplace mediator?

The mediator in the workplace is unbiased. It is not their job to give any opinions to the parties about the merits of each side’s argument. Their job is to make sure that both sides understand the strengths and weaknesses of their respective cases as well as possible.

What will I need to do?

Accepting to go to a mediation and try to resolve the concerns is a big start in the right direction. Other things you’ll have to do include agreeing to the process’s confidentiality, prepare an introductory statement that explains the issues and concerns from your point of view, as well as what you might wish to alter in the future, come with an open mind and pay attention to what the other participants have to say and finally, be forthright and honest.
You can have a conversation about this with your mediator ahead of time.

Why Philippe Patry?

Resolving complex disputes and workplace conflicts requires the right approach, the right process, and the right person to bring it all together.

Philippe Patry combines decades of experience and a passion for helping others in his comprehensive, evidence-based approach to workplace resolution. Philippe is a member of the ADR Institute of Canada, a member of the Institut de médiation et d’arbitrage du Québec, a member of the BAR since 1995, and holds a Chartered Mediator (C. Med). As a bilingual lawyer, trained investigator, and dispute resolution expert with a wealth of experience in social work and psychology, Philippe is uniquely qualified to perform workplace investigations, mediations, restorations, and mindfulness services for public and private sector organizations. He has successfully serviced and established long-lasting relationships with the federal government and crown corporations, municipalities, higher education institutions, school boards, unions, healthcare, and many other areas.

Acting with sensitivity, thoughtfulness, and discretion, Philippe’s holistic, collaborative approach is designed to achieve the best possible outcome so everyone can move forward – together.

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