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How to Support Your Employee’s Right to Time Away from Work

An overview of Ontario’s policy on disconnecting from work Remote and hybrid work exposed many challenges for employers and employees. One among them is the ability (or inability) to disconnect and leave the job in the home office (or living room, basement, kitchen counter). The virtual office presents a unique challenge in the employer’s ability…

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Getting to the Root of Workplace Conflict and How to Proactively Avoid It

The Importance of Mitigating Workplace Conflict Before It Arises With so much emphasis on workplace conflict resolution, it’s important to take a step back and focus on what can be done to avoid conflict from arising in the first place. After all, prevention truly is the best medicine. With that being said, we will explain the most common causes…

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The Uncomplicated Truth About Leadership

Knowing the Characteristics of What Makes a Great Leader (And How to Apply These to Your Leadership Style) There is an infinite amount of published literature on what it takes to be an exceptional leader, from scholarly studies to biographies, webinars, and everything in between. But the truth is, being a strong leader is really not that…

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Benefits of Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace

Why Leaders Need to Take Action to Improve Employee Wellbeing Mental health issues are becoming more prevalent in the workplace, particularly since the onset of the pandemic. Mental health doesn’t discriminate among age, race, religion, gender, disabilities, or sexual orientation – it affects all individuals from all backgrounds and communities.…

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